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On business in Marrakech? Extend your stay and explore this Oriental metropolis in Morocco. One of the city’s most important industries is tourism. So it will come as no surprise to meet people from all corners of the globe here. Marrakech - The souk in the medina The souk (bazaar) in Marrakech’s medina is just as you would imagine it to be. Vibrant, loud and full of exotic fragrances. This is where it all happens. It’s where people trade, exchange, haggle and enjoy life. Fabrics, food, pottery and jewellery, not to mention flea market dealers, shoeshiners, ceramics and leather goods. And endless variety of merchants awaits at the traditional market, while the spice market is a feast for the nostrils, with wafting aromas of tea, herbs, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg. There are colourful spice mounds and enchanting Oriental scents at every turn.

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